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Meet John Conyers

My life in politics began while being raised in one of the strongest Democratic households in America. I had a front row seat to some of the best and worst moments in America, Detroit, and the Democratic party. More importantly, I saw how leaders like my father John Conyers Jr, the longest serving Black congressman in U.S. history, acted in response.

The ideals of the Democratic party, specifically Detroit's, are something I've internalized alongside other lessons growing up. I lived these moments, I didn't just read about them.


We envision a society where jobs, justice, equity, and opportunity are the foundation, and where individuals and communities receive the support they need to reach their full potential. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity means celebrating every person's unique contribution while prioritizing marginalized communities' needs. 

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Our mission is to spark a movement that ignites hope, fosters equity, and empowers our most vulnerable communities. We believe in a world where youth thrive, the working class is uplifted, and all voices are heard. We are dedicated to coming together, across political divides, to create bold change and build a future that works for all of us.

Our Priorities

  • Economy

    Executives and Wall Street bankers are getting richer every year, while the working-class backbone of our economy struggles to make ends meet. When in Congress John will fight to build an economy that works for working people, not just the wealthy and well - connected.
    That starts with empowering workers. In Congress, John will lead the charge to protect and expand workers’ right to organize and collectively bargain. Additionally, he will fight to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of at least $15/hour, a common sense policy that is both widely supported by 13th Districtders and absolutely necessary to keep up with the rising cost of living. John also wants to bring more and better paying jobs to the 13th District.
    But John also knows that we need to end the system of tax loopholes and exorbitant giveaways for the rich and multi-national corporations. It is inexcusable that billionaires and corporations continuously exploit our tax code to pay less in taxes than poor and middle-class families.

  • Healthcare

    The American healthcare system is broken. Health care is a fundamental human right, and in the wealthiest nation on the planet, it is unacceptable that high-quality, comprehensive health care is not guaranteed to all Americans.
    As the son of the father of Medicare For All, John understands how impactful Universal Healthcare would be. He is a vocal champion for improving health care access for families. He was an unwavering supporter of Medicaid expansion, and will stand up to Republican attempts to gut Michigan’s Medicaid program and dismantle the Affordable Care Act time and again.
    Right now, prohibitively high costs force many 13th District families to forgo regular doctor’s visits, necessary prescription drugs, and critical treatment for illness. And when they do seek care, too many accumulate massive amounts of medical debt with each diagnosis. All the while, Wall Street and Big Pharma are reaping huge profits off the backs of patients. It’s wrong and it needs to change.
    In Congress, John will lead the fight to lower health care costs—including prescription drug reform—to make sure 13th District families can always access high-quality health care.

  • Education

    As the son of two first generation college graduates, John knows firsthand the power of education to change lives. In Congress, he works to provide all kids with the same transformative educational opportunities that made it possible for him to achieve the American Dream.
    John will lead the charge in working to address the teacher shortage crisis. John knows that in order to invest in our students, we have to invest in our educators. Beyond that, we’re going to make sure that we put money behind Black teachers. When Blackstudents have at least one Black teacher by 3rd grade, they're 13 percent more likely to enroll in college. With two Black teachers, they are 32 percent more likely to go to college. For low-income Black boys, their on-time high school graduation rate climbs by nearly 40 percent.
    When it comes to expanding access to education from early childhood all the way through college, John has been a tireless advocate, fighting for universal Pre-K, expanded Child Care Development Block Grant funding, increased resources to public schools, and affordable higher education for all students, including Dreamers.
    As a graduate of Detroit Public Schools, John knows how important it is for young people to grow up with strong public schools, career and technical training options, and affordable higher education—and in Congress, he will push for every child’sright to do the same.

  • Climate & Environment

    In the 13th district, underserved Black and Brown communities have been disproportionately impacted by both the sources and effects of the climate crisis.
    In March of 2022, the Stellantis plant on Detroit’s east side was hit with its fourth emissions violation since coming online in 2019. This is the same plant that was used to reduce emissions in a predominantly white neighborhood to the north, and consequently brought those emissions into a 97% Black neighborhood. That neighborhood already had some of the highest asthma rates in the country. But it’s not just the new plants, Marathon Petroleum Corporation has repeatedly violated emissions restrictions at its refinery in Southwest Detroit that is roughly 90% nonwhite, resulting in excess pollution known for causing elevated incidence ofasthma and a host of other health issues. 48217 is one of the most polluted ZIP codes in the state.
    Beyond the immediate health effects on our people, overwhelming flooding caused by rapidly increasing rainfall from human-induced climate change has resulted in billions of dollars of damage across the 13th Congressional District. Majority-working class and -nonwhite neighborhoods like Jefferson-Chalmers have often been impacted the most, as aging infrastructure and pre-existing inequalities give rise to slower recoveries from natural disasters.
    That’s why in Congress, John will make environmental issues a top priority. Here in the 13th District we have a serious pollution problem, and it’s hurting seniors, children, and people with underlying health issues the most. When in congress John will push to pass climate justice reform and institute meaningful regulations and punishments to stop the pollution being carried out throughout the district. Additionally, John will immediately co-sponsor Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Cori Bush’s Environmental Justice Mapping & Data Collection Act.

  • Affordable Housing

    Unlike cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco that lack housing due to zoning laws, Detroit has available housing. In fact, roughly 28% of homes in Detroit are currently vacant. Despite over a quarter of all homes being available, rental prices in Detroit are averaging around $1100 per month. That’s 54% of the average resident's income.
    We need to change the Federal AMI to implement truly affordable housing in Detroit. We need to fix up land bank homes to house people affordably. We need to stop funneling excess money into demolitions and reroute it into the affordable housing trust.
    Housing is a right, not a privilege. Families of the 13th District deserve to have a roof over their heads, heat and hot water, and lead-free water. In Detroit, we need to preserve existing naturally occurring affordable housing, and provide access to funding to allow homeowners and residents to better build equity in their own homes through home loans and refinancing where existing banks will not invest, through reform of the Community Reinvestment Act. John will advocate for increased HUD Funding for the 13th District to assist with the preservation and upgrading of its existing housing stock. Lastly, the creation of new tax incentives for new home buyers, as well as for landlords who provide affordable and livable homes. Including 90-day rent waivers and relocation reimbursements for individuals and families at risk of being displaced by the loss of affordable housing

  • Gun Control

    Gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children and teens. These are state-sanctioned mass shootings. Congress refuses to act on behalf of children let alone their own constituents. We now have shootings in our grocery stores, in our schools, in our movie theaters, at our concerts and anywhere else where people may gather. The only acceptable solution is passing common sense gun reformnow. It is the responsibility of our elected officials to do that, and if they won’t we need to vote them out.
    More children have died from guns in the last two decades than active-duty military personnel and police officers combined. I support the second amendment, full stop. But this country needs common sense gun laws and until Congress passes gun reform, bans assault weapons, enacts universal background checks, and implements waiting periods, they are complicit in these mass shootings. They might not pull the trigger themselves, but more children would be alive today if Congress got these measures passed. When in Congress, I will fight relentlessly to protect our children, our grandparents, and all of us. I will do what it takes to get my colleagues to the table, because until we do this violence will not end.



Maxine Watters



Rev. Jesse Jackson



Derrick F. Hale

Former State Representative


Bianca Austin

Aunt of Breonna Taylor


Wayne County Sheriffs

and Airport Police Retirees Association


Jacob Blake Sr.

Father of Jacob Blake, II


Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Detroit Chapter


Vonda Evans

Retired Judge


Rev. Aaron McCarthy

President, SCLC

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